Adagold Aviation has managed large scale, sensitive and confidential air charters for a range of governments across Australia and the world.

An example of Air Charter planes
Adagold Aviation model plane

We have been facilitating a range of aircraft from helicopters to large airliners to meet the specific needs of the global, Commonwealth, state and local governments.  Whether it’s a single charter or a long term contract, Adagold Aviation has the capability to source aircraft at short notice in any location in Australia and across the world. As a standing member on the Commonwealth Government’s approved aviation panel Adagold Aviation has been entrusted to manage some of the Government’s most important and sensitive air charter projects.  Not only have we managed government projects in Australia, we have also been entrusted to manage complex and sensitive aviation projects in theatres such as Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor.

Adagold Aviation has been working with governments in times of need such as natural disasters where immediate relief is required.  Whether it’s floods in Queensland or fires in Victoria, Adagold Aviation can assist with facilitating charter flights using experienced operators with a range of aircraft for cargo relief or evacuation of people all at short notice.


If you require information on aviation services for the upcoming G20 summit in Brisbane, please visit our G20 page.