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Dan Gray

Special Projects Manager

Work Experience/professional history? 

My military background has equipped me with a wealth of aviation operational, management and technical experience. As a pilot, I’ve commanded Search and Rescue, Surveillance and Electronic Intelligence Gathering missions with the RAF and USAF. 

I’ve supported UK aircraft acquisition programs and military customers; coordinating safety cases, requirements management and conducting airworthiness assessments. 

I’ve gained significant experience in dealing with operating risks facing legacy and aging air frames. 

My work in project support alongside design and implementation of safety management frameworks was recognised in both the 2014 and 2016 New Years Honours Lists.

I’ve worked in commercial helicopter operations, flight training and aviation consultancy, building operations manuals, managing change and implementing Aviation and Safety Management Systems. I’ve managed flight simulator certification, EFB implementation, built learning management systems and conducted business development activities.

I’ve also authored technical reports on subjects ranging from electronic ticketing, in-flight entertainment systems, medical furniture, future trends in the composites industry and bio generation, as well as acted as a technical consultant to the television industry.

I graduated from the Air Warfare Center Aerosystems course, hold a Masters Degree in Aerospace Systems and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. 

Activities/hobbies out of work, what do you love to do? 

I love to cycle, have one dog, my favourite cuisine is Japanese, and my favourite travel destination is Tokyo.  

What do you most enjoy about working at Adagold? 

The opportunities available to me and the company vision.

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