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Katelyn Aslett

Sales and Marketing Manager

Work Experience/professional history?

I ran my own design business for 20 years; developing international clients and developing products. It involved understanding international trade, relationships, marketing and branding and the need to work with integrity and passion. 

Activities/hobbies out of work, what do you love to do? 

Gardening, cooking, cooking what I have grown, exploring food destinations and traveling to new places. 

Philanthropy also plays a big part in my life. In my spare time, I have been setting up a philanthropic app to raise funds for a charity called My Giving Table. This has been a rewarding and also positive learning experience. 

Any Pets?

2000 compost worms and some gold fish. 

Favourite Food? 

Any food that has fresh local produce and is created with love.

Favourite travel destination?

Whitsundays, Spain and Africa.

What do you most enjoy about working at Adagold? 

Adagold has trust in their employees’ ability to work autonomously. I love working with a team of dedicated professionals, all with diverse backgrounds and an incredible understanding of the industry. Our work is always different and exciting, clients and partners are interesting, so work is never dull.

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