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Aircraft Charters for Heavy & Oversized Cargo Loads

Aircraft Charters for Heavy & Oversized Cargo Loads
June 18, 2018 Adagold Aviation

Sourcing the right aircraft and charter services for heavy and oversized cargo loads can be a real headache. There are often many logistical and bureaucratic hoops that you need to jump through to secure the right aircraft and the landing times that you require. This can place delays on your delivery, resulting in costly setbacks and wasted time.

There’s no room for error when it comes to the air freight of heavy and oversized cargo. If mistakes are made during the transportation of an expensive load such as this, naturally, the complications are going to cost you a great deal. There is a way that you can ensure your charter of heavy or oversized cargo is conducted without a hitch, however. By enlisting Adagold Aviation to provide private cargo charter services for your company.

Aircraft Charters for Heavy & Oversized Cargo Loads
Aircraft Charters for Heavy & Oversized Cargo Loads

Unrivalled experience in cargo charter services

Adagold Aviation has been providing private charter services in Australia and all around the globe for over 24 years. Aircraft management services for the transportation of cargo has been a large segment of our business, and we have undertaken some of the most challenging cargo charter requests for over 20 years.

Strategic relationships & international reach

As Australia’s leading independent provider of air charter and aviation services, we have placed much emphasis on building lasting professional relationships all around the globe. This means that we can quickly get in contact with prominent international cargo companies, freight forwarders and logistics providers to fulfil your needs as efficiently as possible. It also means that we have competitive access to a wide variety of aircraft and airstrips that other commercial airlines simply cannot provide. Whether you need a heavy piece of machinery freighted from Brisbane to Perth, or from Germany to a remote mine site in North Queensland, we can gain access to the appropriate airstrips.

Aircraft Charters for Heavy & Oversized Cargo Loads

Fast reaction times

Our operations team are available 24/7 to respond to your requests. We can often secure an aircraft for you within the hour! We understand that emergency situations arise, such as vital machinery breaking down unexpectedly and therefore a quick response is critical. This is why we call upon our global network to find you the most expeditious means of delivery, at a competitive price.

Finding the appropriate aircraft with ease

Every airport is different, and certain airstrips may have restrictions that need to be considered when transporting heavy and oversized cargo. For this reason, your load may need to be shifted between several aircraft to be chartered safely and securely. Attempting to organise this yourself may send you down a rabbit hole of red tape that can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. Adagold Aviation’s experience dealing with a variety of freight restrictions and airports allows us to deal with these complications swiftly and with minimal fuss. We can source you the appropriate aircraft so that the journey of your cargo between destinations runs smoothly. Any transferral of your cargo between planes will also be carried out with the utmost care by professionals experienced in moving oversized loads.

Aircraft Charters for Heavy & Oversized Cargo Loads

Timetables that suit you

One of the most advantageous aspects of choosing aircraft charter services with Adagold Aviation is that all flights will take place at times which are convenient for you. Whether it’s an emergency, or you need to meet strict deadlines, you aren’t confined to commercial freight timetables that have a habit of running late. You can rely on our team to transport your cargo as efficiently as possible, and to deliver within the required time-frame.

Contact Adagold Aviation today to secure specialist charter services for your heavy or oversized cargo loads.

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