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APPEA Conference 2014 - Day 2

APPEA Conference 2014 – Day 2
April 8, 2014 Adagold Aviation

Day two of the APPEA conference 2014 continued to provide a great opportunity for businesses to connect and gain an insight into the latest developments in the oil and gas industry.   A highlight of the day was a thought provoking and informative lecture by Sir Charles Haddon-Cave who wrote the ‘Nimrod Review’ which examined the underlying causes of the crash of the RAF Nimrod MR2 aircraft XV230 in Afghanistan in 2006.  Without providing technical details of the crash, Haddon-Cave emphasised the lessons learned from the review and how they can be applied to risk mitigation today.  His review highlighted the importance of developing a strong safety culture led from the top, especially when dealing with the transportation of people.  He also reminded the leaders of the Oil and Gas industry of their responsibilities in ensuring the safety of their employees, the wider community and the environment.

Adagold Aviation provides a range of risk mitigation services for companies who rely on aircraft for the transportation of their employees.  These range from training, to audit and compliance services.  For more information on these services, contact Steve Bellamy on 07 3622 8282.

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