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ARA Exhibiting at Spillcon 2016

ARA Exhibiting at Spillcon 2016
May 3, 2016 Adagold Aviation

One of the Adagold Group of Companies, Aerial Response Australasia (ARA) is exhibiting at the Asia-Pacific Oil Spill Prevention and Preparedness Conference known as Spillcon.  Held at the Crown Convention Centre in Perth, the exhibition and conference will bring together the leading minds and businesses associated with preventing and responding to oil spills in the Asia-Pacific. ARA are the only aviation company at the conference showcasing the unique capabilities of the C-130 Hercules oil spill response aircraft.  This aircraft will certainly be a significant and important addition to the response capabilities for Australasian stakeholders.

ARA Exhibiting At Spillcon 2016 | Adagold Aviation | Leaders in Aviation


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