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Private Jet Technical & Safety



Private Jet Technical and Safety

Adagold Aviation’s charter managers review each aircraft operator for their aviation technical and safety compliance prior to recommending them to a client, in accordance with our ISO 9001 quality assurance procedures.

Adagold Aviation’s experienced charter managers are trained in the fundamentals of aviation safety and are supported by our General Manager of Technical and Safety.

Adagold Aviation conducts desktop regulatory compliance checks as a minimum and can arrange the completion of audits to meet our client’s aviation safety policy if required.

The Aviation Specialists

Adagold Aviation uses the services of TechSafe Aviation Pty Ltd (“TechSafe Aviation”) for private jet safety reviews, audits and operational assistance . TechSafe Aviation has over 200 years of combined experience and delivers aviation safety assurance services to many large companies and government departments.

The use of TechSafe Aviation as a specialist provider for the more complex services and assessments enables Adagold Aviation to provide the highest aviation technical and safety standards possible to our clients.

TechSafe Aviation provides:

Specialist aviation services to aircraft operators, companies and government entities around both Australia and the globe

Assistance in all facets of aviation security

Assistance in risk management ranging from aircraft operator and aerodrome audits, to organisational aviation policy development and compliance

Safety management system implementations, audits and training.

Experience encompassing all aircraft, from light training aircraft, to large multi-engine intercontinental jets.

TechSafe Aviation is certified to the following management standards: ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 3100 to provide the additional assurance of quality and reliability.

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Why Choose TechSafe Aviation

for your technical and safety needs?


No other charter flight management company in Australia has the same level of experience and knowledge as we do. We only work with the best in the industry, to ensure the highest amount of customer service.

We work around you

We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate our clients. We can work around your schedule and desired timeline to provide you with the service you want, when you need it.

Take private jet safety into your own hands

We know how important safety and security is, so by empowering you and your team to learn the fundamentals of risk management you can be assured that you’re learning from the best.

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