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Are Charter Flights More Cost Effective Than Commercial Flights?

Are Charter Flights More Cost Effective Than Commercial Flights?
May 16, 2015 Adagold Aviation

Have you ever asked what is better – we discuss the charter vs commercial flights debate.

We often get asked the question whether charter flight costs are comparable to commercial flights for transporting workers in the resources sectors .
It’s not as simple as comparing the base costs as there are so many differences with commercial and charter flights. Each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages that vary depending on the number of passengers and the destinations. Commercial will provide the most cost effective and simplest solution for individuals or very small groups travelling from point-to-point without any specific timing requirements. Charter is significantly more effective for groups who require flexibility and a specific travel itinerary.

Adagold Aviation has developed 5 points you should know about charter vs commercial flights which will assist you in comparing the two types.

1. You have Greater Control of Costs with Charter Flights.

Even if you have a corporate discount for commercial flights, you are still subjected to pricing fluctuations based on demand, season and the time you book. In most cases the closer you book to the departure time the more expensive the seat is. On a commercial flight if you make seat changes, cancellations or transfers, you may be subjected to a number of additional charges. On a charter flight you know the cost of the flight regardless of any passenger changes. You can also add or substitute passengers on to the flight up to 30 minutes before departure without a penalty.

2. You’re in Control of Your Travel Schedule on a Charter Flight.

When you book a charter flight you determine the departure time that suits your schedule. The advantage of this is that you can make the most of your travelling group’s time. For groups working on a shift and roster basis, they can leave at optimum times which can provide greatest productivity and return workers home sooner. When you book a commercial flight you are at the mercy of the airlines schedule. If they change or cancel their schedule, you will need to change your schedule to suit theirs.

3. Get Closer to Where You Need to Go.

One of the great advantages of chartering an aircraft is that you can get your workers to a suitable airstrip nearest to your work site, saving you travel costs and getting workers off the road. The Surat Basin in southern Queensland is a hive of activity with a number of significant gas projects. Considering thousands of workers travelling to the region, there are only a limited number of commercial ports airlines can travel to. This then requires further ground transport to reach your final destination. There are a number of alternative airstrips in the region that a charter flight can service that may be closer to your work site. These include Taroom/Wandoan, Chinchilla, Miles, Roma and Dalby.

4. A More Productive Flight.

Utilising time in the air efficiently can provide greater productivity and reduce costs associated with training and inductions. As a charter flight will be your dedicated flight for your staff, you can use that time to complete site inductions, safety briefings or any other administrative task that may otherwise be completed on site, at an additional cost. In many cases these can be done via a tablet or inflight entertainment systems. Adagold Aviation can assist in arranging these services if required.

5. Personalised and Dedicated Service.

When you travel on a commercial flight, you are travelling with dozens or possibly hundreds of people from various companies and travelling for numerous reasons. These flights can be delayed, or even cancelled at short notice without the airline providing any alternatives. On a charter flight, everyone on the aircraft is travelling for the same reason and from the same company or project. This allows for a high degree of personalised service from the charter management company and the operator. This means if there are any delays due to weather or technical reasons, the passengers and travel coordinators will be the first to know. Instead of dealing with numerous passengers and travel companies as an airline would, the charter management company can communicate directly with the travel coordinator to make alternative arrangements and focus on ensuring the passengers are comfortable, informed and on their way to their destination as soon as possible.

So the next time you’re comparing commercial air travel to charter flights, look beyond the simple headline price and delve a bit deeper to the actual value of a charter flight in terms of flexibility, convenience and time saving.

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