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COVID-19: Chartering Medics to Regional NSW

COVID-19: Chartering Medics to Regional NSW
May 26, 2020 Adagold Aviation

Travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are taking their toll not only on the public but more importantly on the teams of medics needed across the country. With regional towns around Australia relying on vital interstate medical teams to assist when needed, the closure of state borders and lack of commercial flights has made transporting these teams a time-consuming and challenging process. Recently, Adagold Aviation made a difference in the lives of a group of medics by flying the team from Sydney to regional NSW.

After considering their options, the medics decided air charter would be the most effective form of transport for a multitude of reasons. Fatigue management was an important part of the decision. Had they chosen to drive, the travel would have been close to 10 hours alone, without taking into consideration the time they would spend onsite. Given the long, mentally exhausting drive at hand and the challenges of staying overnight during COVID-19 restrictions, the medics discussed their options with the Adagold team to establish the most effective plan of attack.

With the significantly shorter travel time each way, and the convenience of their own private charter, the team arrived fresh and ready for their day ahead with peace of mind knowing their trip home would be safe, relaxed, and timely. Their ability to work productively during their time in regional NSW increased without the added stress of the commute in an already physically and mentally demanding situation. Surprisingly, the client was impressed that the use of charter in this instance only increased the budget by about $350 per person, thanks to the careful choice of aircraft and Adagold’s industry knowledge, allowing for a high-quality solution that avoided unnecessary costs.

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The high level of organisation, management, and the general standard of service from the pilots and operators overseen by Adagold during this process resulted in a wonderfully positive outcome for the Sydney-based team who arrived home safe and sound saying ‘we had a great time and all went super smoothly. Thank you for your efforts. You made it so easy and exceeded every expectation’.

After almost 30 years of experience in the industry, Adagold can confidently ensure your private jet charter to or from all Australian cities and remote locations will be in expert hands. Tailored services and an end-to-end seamless process allow you to easily plan a journey that suits your requirements. To find out more about our services, reach out to our team today.

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