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Experience counts....

Experience counts….
June 18, 2015 Adagold Aviation

We all know that experience counts……

Would you feel comfortable undergoing heart surgery by a graduate?  Would you be happy for an intern to complete your end of year financial statements? Of course not.  That’s because relevant experience is valuable.  Whether it’s your Doctor, Accountant, Builder or Lawyer, you want to know that he or she has relevant experience in their profession. You cannot deny that experience counts.

It’s no different when you are looking for an air charter.  You want to know that your pilot has plenty of experience on the type of aircraft and that the technicians working on the plane have been trained properly.  If you’re dealing with a charter broker or an Aviation Services company like Adagold Aviation, you also want to be sure that they have people in their business that have relevant  and lengthy experience in aviation.

It’s a great idea to use a third party to procure and manage your air charter.  It saves you time and can provide a more reliable and cost effective service.  But not all of the people in this field have the relevant experience that can provide you with the best option.  You need to know that the people who you are trusting to procure and manage your charter have relevant aviation experience which allow them to assess potential aircraft operators effectively.

Adagold Aviation’s management group has over 230 years combined aviation experience in a range of aviation fields including flying, regulations, safety, operations, cargo, human resources and contract management.  Our people are aviation experts that you can trust.

So as you won’t use a graduate Doctor to perform your heart surgery, you also shouldn’t rely on inexperienced charter brokers to organise your charter.  Make sure you ask the question “What’s your experience?” next time you book a charter.

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