Freight Forward - Humanitarian aid emergency response
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Freight Forward - Humanitarian aid emergency response

Freight Forward – Humanitarian aid emergency response
April 24, 2020 Adagold Aviation

The Aviation industry has long been at the core of providing relief when disaster strikes around the world, whether it be in the form of a pandemic, natural, or humanitarian disaster. From delivering aid efficiently to ensuring responders can access the most vulnerable locations, the aviation sector has always played a pivotal role in moving people and freight around the globe.

With state borders closed around Australia, the difficulty of transporting emergency supplies, medical workers, and valuable cargo that would otherwise reach their destinations via the road, has taken its toll. Private aviation is consistently on the front line alongside first responders in times of crisis, with air ambulances playing a significant part in the broader business aviation sector.

Regional areas across the country have long relied heavily on fly-in, fly-out healthcare workers, and with the recent cuts to commercial, regional flights, private jet charters are becoming the only option when time is of the essence. As passenger jets transport about half of all air cargo carried worldwide, the grounding of those planes has increased demand for freighters. In response, various commercial airlines such as American, Delta, and Virgin Atlantic are using passenger planes purely for shipping cargo.

All over the globe, what used to be planes filled with passengers are now planes filled with personal protective equipment, from surgical masks to gloves and ventilators. Although they struggle to see what the future of travel post-COVID-19 might look like, airlines have been given the responsibility of ensuring some of the virus hotspots have access to much-needed equipment, food, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

Adagold Aviation is well placed to provide charter aircraft to freight forwarders, cargo agents, companies, and individuals looking to move cargo on routes and sectors no longer available and traditionally offered by commercial airlines due to COVID-19 restrictions both domestically and internationally.

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