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Government and Defence Charter Flights




Charter Flights

Adagold Aviation proudly provides a range of aircraft and private jet charter flights to various departments of the Commonwealth of Australia, the Australian Federal, state and local government to metro and remote destinations across Australia and the world.

Our clientele for government charter flights usually includes; Senior Military Personnel, Government and Political Heads-of-State, Royalty, Prime Ministers and Presidents, Foreign Government Representatives, Senators, Members of Parliament, Diplomats and other councils.

As Australia’s leading independent provider of government charter flights, we are experts in managing complex and sensitive private jet travel.

Why choose Adagold Aviation for your government charter flights?

Complete confidentiality and non-disclosure available

High-security options for VIP passengers

Fast turnaround – board within hours of first contact

Almost 30 years of experience

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Charter Flights

Defence charter flights are some of the most complex and challenging to arrange – let alone the risks involved. Adagold Aviation has provided defence charter management services to the Australian Department of Defence for over 10 years, gaining a reputation for speed, security and unparalleled efficiency.

Adagold Aviation is proud to have played a role in the transport of equipment, military cargo, and defence personnel between Australia and the Middle East and playing a role in several repatriation endeavours across the globe.

Why choose Adagold Aviation for your defence charter flights?

Specialists in technical, logistical and operational planning

Strong diplomatic relationship and connections

Proven track record adhering to safety and security standards

Cost-effective end-to-end solutions optimised for mission performance

Flexible and time-critical services

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Our Experience

Adagold Aviation are proud to have provided long-standing support to various government and defence bodies, in critical times of need. Our experience has included (but is not limited to) the following:

Completed over 500 successful missions for the Department of Defence’s Middle East Air Sustainment Services (2010 – 2020)

Government transport during the Federal Election Campaign (2013, 2016, 2019)

Transport for visiting delegations during the G20 Summit in Brisbane (2014)

Completed 497 successful missions for the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistic Organisation’s Air Sustainment Services (2009)

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