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Mining, FIFO and Medical Industry Charter Flights



Charter Flights

for mining and FIFO professionals

With decades of experience managing mining and FIFO charter flights in Australia and globally, Adagold Aviation is well placed to assist with the management and organisation of all of your charter flight requirements. Whether you need to organise charter flights for a small exploratory crew, investor tour, an emergency mine shutdown, a cyclone evacuation or to coordinate flights for a large FIFO workforce, the experienced team at Adagold Aviation can develop a transport solution for your business.

Adagold Aviation is experienced at assisting clients during all stages of the mining life cycle. Adagold offers valuable assistance during the early exploration stages when small crews of surveyors may be required to visit a number of remote, hard to access locations in a short period. We also assist at times of planning and design of the mine site construction stages and assisting with closures and reclamation of sites.

Engaging our aviation expertise early during your project’s planning and design stages will prevent costly and timely errors. Our aviation focussed input into your risk assessments, technical scope, planning, and compliance will enable you to make well-informed decisions from the start.

How else can Adagold help with your mining or FIFO charter?

Safety and compliance and detailed risk plans

Helicopter and cargo charter flights

Mine site emergencies, shutdowns and evacuations

Site visits and investor tours

Remote Airstrip and Aerodrome Assessment

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Charter Flights

for medical professionals

Adagold Aviation have long-serviced the medical industry, transporting doctors, nurses and other medical personnel, as well as assisting in the transportation of cargo and vital goods to domestic and international locations. We are proud to have provided charter flights to support the medical industry in the event of national tragedies, natural disasters and states of emergency.

Most recently, we have provided cargo charter flights during the COVID-19 pandemic and to the Australian Red Cross Service.

How can Adagold help medical professionals?

Transportation of personnel and goods

Private boarding, away from crowded, public spaces

Time-sensitive service, tailored to your needs

Ability to dispatch within 1 hour of contact

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Our Experience

Adagold Aviation are proud to have provided long-standing service to medical professionals, and in mining and FIFO charter flights. Our experience has included (but is not limited to) the following:

Regularly supporting and donating to medical organisations (2015)

Facilitating an investor tour to the Bowen Basin region (2016)

Transporting cargo to North Queensland and Germany (2016)

Providing FIFO charter flights from Brisbane to Roma (2016)

Providing FIFO charter flights to Australia-wide mining and infrastructure company (2018)

Chartering medics to regional NSW during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020)

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