• Adagold Luxe
    Hamilton Island Race Week - Highlighta | Adagold Luxe | Jet-Centric Travel

    Highlights of Hamilton Island Race Week

    Access the unparalleled beauty of Tasmania’s East Coast by private jet, a convenient way to explore off-the-beaten-track locations and enjoy a truly luxurious and memorable experience.

  • Adagold Luxe
    Tasmanian East Coast - The Secluded Beauty | Adagold Luxe | Jet-Centric

    The Secluded Beauty of the Tasmanian East Coast

    Access the unparalleled beauty of Tasmania’s East Coast by private jet, a convenient way to explore off-the-beaten-track locations and enjoy a truly luxurious and memorable experience.

  • Adagold Luxe
    Margaret River Region - Exploring the Limestone Caves | Adagold Luxe

    Exploring the Limestone Caves of the Margaret River Region

    Wineries may have put the Margaret River Region on the map, but its caves have drawn in curious travellers looking for a touch of wonder for over a century.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Charter Company - What To Look For... | Adagold Aviation | Jet-Centric

    What Should You Look For in a Chartering Company?

    There are many reasons why taking a private jet is a far more superior choice than flying with a commercial airline.

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    Infiniti Polo Cup - Travel By Helicopter | Adagold Luxe | Jet-Centric

    Travel by Helicopter to the Infiniti Polo Cup at Alsace Polo Fields

    The annual Infinity Polo Cup (August 27th) is one of the highlights of Brisbane’s elite social calendar, and you can travel by chartered helicopter to this prestigious event.

  • Adagold Luxe
    Adagold Luxe - Announcing The Official Launch | Jet-Centric Experiences

    Announcing the Launch of Adagold Luxe

    On March 23rd, we launched our new entity — Adagold Luxe — on the Sydney Harbour in the presence of an incredible group of media, partners and guests.

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    Australian Golden Triangle - A Remarkable Travel Experience | Adagold

    Australia’s Golden Triangle – A Remarkable Travel Experience

    Adagold Aviation can have you jetting off to three of the most iconic destinations in Australia in your own chartered jet.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Charters vs Business Class | Adagold Aviation | Aviation Specialists

    The Value of Charters vs Business Class

    Chartering aircraft for business in Europe and the U.S is an accepted practice which provides management and staff the most convenient way of traversing countries and continents.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Australian Open - Fly Their With Your Own Jet | Adagold Aviation

    Take A Jet To The Australian Open

    The 2017 Australian Open is almost upon us again! The world-class sporting event returns to Melbourne Park on the 16th of January, for two weeks of action-packed excitement.

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    Wine Lovers - Luxury Destinations | Adagold Aviation | Adagold Luxe | Jet-Centric Experiences | Travel Australia

    Luxury Destinations for Wine Lovers

    Australia is blessed with some of the best wine regions in the world. You don’t have to travel to Bordeaux to experience the best reds; you can do it right here in Australia!

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    Secluded Destinations That Will Take Your Breath Away | Adagold Aviation | Adagold Luxe Jet-Centric Experiences

    Five Secluded Destinations That Will Take Your Breath Away

    Luxury starts from the moment you board your private plane, and there’s nothing more luxurious than jetting off to a location that’s tranquil and secluded. Here are five remote jet-centric destinations that will take your breath away.

  • Adagold Luxe
    Best Golf Courses in the Oceania | Adagold Aviation | Adagold Luxe

    Oceania’s Best Golf Courses To Get To By A Chartered Plane

    Fancy yourself a bit of a golfer? Fly to one of the following incredible destinations for a unique and unforgettable golfing experience.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Brian Lara - A Day With The Cricket Legend | Adagold Aviation, Jet-Centric

    A Day With Brian Lara

    This is truly a unique experience to travel with Brian Lara and your guests from Brisbane to Sydney on a private jet charter for a day you won’t forget.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Executive Assistant Network – Brisbane Congress

    Executive Assistant Network – Brisbane Congress

    Adagold Aviation are proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Brisbane Congress for the Executive Assistants Network on the 13th and 14th of September.

  • Adagold Aviation
    NRL Finals - Fly There In Style | Adagold Aviation | Adagold Luxe

    Brisbane Broncos v North Queensland Cowboys

    It’s that time of the year when the NRL finals get to the important part.  There is no bigger final than the Brisbane Broncos v North Queensland Cowboys.  The NRL grand final rematch!

  • Adagold Aviation

    Mates 4 Mates Donation

    Our Mates 4 Mates donation will help their services which include providing physical rehabilitation, psychological services, social connection activities as well as education and employment support services.

  • Adagold Luxe
    Luxury Jet Experience - Choose Your Next Experience | Adagold Luxe

    Choose Your Luxury Jet Experience

    Adagold Aviation ensure a luxury jet experience for every occasion. Whether you are looking to book a VIP fly-cruise experience on a superyacht, a memorable day at the Melbourne Cup or door-to-door transport to a secluded retreat – we guarantee a tailored luxury service.

  • Adagold Luxe - The Ultimate Jet Luxury Clip | Adagold Aviation | Adagold Luxe

    The Ultimate in Jet Luxury

    This clip by help you decide which luxury jet will suit your lifestyle, but you don’t have to own a jet to enjoy the luxury and benefits that come with owning one

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    Case Study 1 - New Retail Site Exploration | Adagold Aviation | Australia

    Case Study 1 – New Retail Site Exploration

    We recently had a client who required a charter flight to investigate a number of remote locations for potential new retail opportunities in remote Queensland locations including one in far North Queensland (Case Study 1).

  • Adagold Aviation
    Relationship Building Experience - Forget The Ordinary | Adagold Aviation

    Let us take the ordinary out of your next relationship building experience…

    At Adagold Aviation we are currently planning some great leisure and recreation tours and events tailored for corporates who wish to show some extra special appreciation to their best business partners. We would love to hear where you think would be a great recreational or corporate VIP relationship building experience.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Corporate Event? Fly In To Your Next Event | Adagold Aviation | Jetcentric

    Fly Into Your Next Corporate Event

    The Melbourne Cup Carnival, the playground of racing royalty is the most glamorous and iconic event in the Australian racing calendar. A refined event, steeped in history is a draw card for celebrities, business leaders, racing enthusiasts and royalty alike. The flair and flamboyance, the fashion and the spectacle. The scent of roses and anticipation in the air as the excitement builds. The Melbourne Cup provides every racegoer the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of horse racing on the world stage.

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    Bathurst 1000 Charter Flight Packages| Adagold Aviation | Jetcentric

    Bathurst 1000 Charter Flights

    The ‘Great Race’ is only a few months away! We have the solution for you – Bathurst 1000 charter flights.

  • Adagold Luxe
    Hamilton Island Race Week | Experience of a Lifetime with Adagold Luxe

    Sail Past the Line in Style with Adagold Aviation

    One of the world’s most famous yachting events, the Audi Hamilton Island Race Week is just around the corner on the 20th to the 27th August. This annual event brings spectators and yacht-enthuasists from around the globe to the sparkling blue Whitsunday waters in North Queensland for an exciting line up of onshore and offshore events.

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    John Peel - 10 Years With Our Team | Adagold Aviation | Jetcentric Travel

    10 Years at Adagold for John Peel

    The staff and management at Adagold Aviation celebrated John Peel’s 10 years of service to the Brisbane Jet Base today.  John is an integral part of the Brisbane Jet Base team and has always been at the forefront of servicing our clients.  Whether its’s a VIP charter on a Sunday afternoon or a Medevac at 2am, John has set the standard in terms of dedication and professionalism.  We thank John for his commitment and effort for the last 10 years and we look forward to many more.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Blast From The Past -

    “Tahiti Looks Nice” – Blast from the Past

    Blast From The Past – “Tahiti Looks Nice” | Adagold Aviation | Jetcentric

  • Adagold Luxe
    Mount Hotham - Direct Charter Flights | Adagold Aviation | Jetcentric Travel

    Mount Hotham – Get There With Adagold Aviation

    With very limited airline schedules servicing the Mount Hotham route for the 2016 ski season, Adagold Aviation are ready to assist ski groups to fly directly to Mount Hotham on chartered flights. Whether you are travelling from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of travelling on your own chartered plane. We can arrange flights for one person through to large ski groups with all ground transport organised as well.

  • Adagold Luxe
    Sweers Island - Flying to Fishing Paradise | Adagold Aviation | Jetcentric

    Sweers Island, Fishing Paradise

    Sweers Island is located in the Gulf of Carpentaria in North Queensland. It’s an island only accessible by air given…

  • Adagold Luxe
    Great Barrier Reef is #1 in the World to Visit | Adagold Luxe | Jetcentric

    The Great Barrier Reef is #1 in the World to Visit

    US News and World Report’s World’s Best Places to Visit for 2016-17 ranked the Great Barrier Reef No.1 ahead of Paris and Bora Bora in French Polynesia.  The site described the Reef as “holding a spot on every travellers’ bucket list”.  “The Great Barrier Reef is a treasure trove of once-in-a-lifetime experiences,” said the description.  “Whether you’re gazing at marine life through a scuba mask, letting the tropical breeze unfurl your sail, or in a plane gliding high above it all, the possibilities for exploration are nearly limitless.”

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    State Of Origin - Fly There In Style | Adagold Aviation | Adagold Luxe

    State Of Origin – Fly There In Style

    We have a number of options available for chartering a jet to the Rugby League State of Origin games 2 and 3.  The convenience of chartering means you can leave the office in the afternoon, travel to the game and return late that evening. Perfect if you’re short on time or would like to make it a special occasion for your clients or friends.  We can tailor a charter to suit your exact requirements if you would like to stay overnight, or leave a little earlier.  You can travel on your terms.

  • Adagold Luxe
    Super Yachts & Jets, The Perfect Match | Adagold Aviation | Adagold Luxe

    Super Yachts and Jets – A Perfect Match

    Who can think of a better combination than Super Yachts and Jets for the ultimate in luxury?  We we think they go together perfectly, that’s why we sponsored the VIP Marquee at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May. Some of the most luxurious and exclusive yachts were on display at the show where visitors could purchase or charter the yacht of their dreams.

  • Travel and Tourism
    Hervey Bay - Whale Watching Season Is Here | Adagold Aviation Australia

    Whale Watching in Hervey Bay

    Whale watching season is here! Hervey Bay in Queensland is the place to be every year between May and November where thousands of people flock to the region to witness one of the world’s great migrations. Why not beat the crowds and charter your very own helicopter for a birds-eye view of these magnificent creatures in the wild. Naturally, we observe the strict viewing distance restrictions for flying near these massive beasts.

  • Adagold Luxe
    Lord Howe Island | Adagold Aviation | Adagold Luxe Jetcentric Experiences

    Lord Howe Island

    A prominent cable TV show had a requirement to film an episode of their documentary series on Lord Howe Island which is based 700km due east of Port Macquarie, NSW. It is literally in the middle of the ocean!

  • Adagold Aviation
    Charter Planes - 5 Things You Should Know Before Getting One | Adagold Aviation

    5 Things You Should Know Before Chartering a Plane

    So you and your friends have decided to go on a trip of a lifetime to your favourite city or island.  Why not charter a plane to make it extra special? Charter planes can make any trip unforgettable. Here’s 5 things you should know before you charter a plane.

  • Adagold Aviation

    ARA Exhibiting at Spillcon 2016

    One of the Adagold Group of Companies, Aerial Response Australasia (ARA) is exhibiting at the Asia-Pacific Oil Spill Prevention and Preparedness Conference known as Spillcon.  Held at the Crown Convention Centre in Perth, the exhibition and conference will bring together the leading minds and businesses associated with preventing and responding to oil spills in the Asia-Pacific

  • Adagold Aviation
    Spillcon 2016 - Perth | Adagold Aviation | Leaders in Aviation and Travel

    Spillcon 2016 – Perth

    Aerial Response Australasia is exhibiting at Spillcon 2016 in Perth between May 2 and May 5.  Keeping with its theme – Global, Regional, Local – Spillcon 2016 will bring together local, regional and global environmental and shipping representatives across industry, government and non-government organisations to provide an avenue to discuss issues including cause and prevention, preparedness, response management and environmental issues. A raft of high calibre national and international speakers will address the conference on their particular areas of expertise.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Charter Planes with Mates to the A-League Grand Final | Adagold Aviation

    Charter Planes with Mates to the A-League Grand Final

    Take this opportunity to charter planes with mates. The A-League Grand Final between Adelaide United and Western Sydney Wanderers being played on May 1 in Adelaide.  For Western Sydney Wanderers fans who are time poor, they can charter a jet to get them to the game and home again same day.  You and your mates could leave Sydney at lunchtime and be back in Sydney later that evening which would be a memorable once in a lifetime experience.

  • Adagold Aviation

    Mal Sandford Features in the Charter Broker Magazine

    In this months edition of international edition of the ‘Charter Broker’ magazine, Adagold Aviation CEO Mal Sandford reflects on the history of aircraft charter brokerage and how the industry has changed since Adagold opened it’s doors 24 years ago.  He also outlines the future of the industry and the dangers of inexperienced charter management companies entering the Australian market.  

  • Adagold Aviation
    Lake Eyre Flood | Adagold Aviation | Aviation Specialist | Charted Planes

    Lake Eyre in Flood Part 2

    One of our Charter Specialist’s, Nick Mair arranged a charter for one of our clients to capture the beauty of Lake Eyre flood. Here is the amazing result.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Lake Eyre Flood - A View From The Sky | Adagold Aviation | Australia

    Lake Eyre in Flood Part 1

    Thanks to heavy rainfall, Lake Eyre in South Australia has once again become an ecological marvel which is best viewed from the air. The Lake Eyre flood….

  • Adagold Aviation
    Aerial Response Australasia - Introducing Our Latest Addition | Adagold

    Introducing Aerial Response Australasia

    The latest addition to the Adagold Group of Companies, Aerial Response Australasia Pty Ltd, is a joint venture company. Read more right here…..

  • Adagold Aviation
    Manage Risks - Businesses Need To Research When Chartering Flights | Adagold Aviation | Aviation specialists | Australia air charter

    Manage Risks – Businesses Need To Research When Chartering Flights

    Most large businesses manage risks always will want a higher standard from aircraft operators who are contracted to provide the air services.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Hear and Say - Adagold Proudly Supporting This Amazing Charity

    Proudly Supporting Hear and Say

    Hear and Say aim to help deaf children to hear, listen and speak so that they can attend regular school and more fully participate in the wider community. 

  • Adagold Luxe
    Bathurst 1000 - Fly There With Your Own Plane | Adagold Aviation

    Bathurst 1000 – Fly There With Your Own Plane

    The Bathurst 1000 is just around the corner. Forget a long, tiresome road trip. Grab a group of friends and fly – the time and cost effective choice.

  • Adagold Aviation
    World Record Attempt - Adagold Lends A Helping Hand | Adagold Aviation

    World Record Attempt – Adagold Lends A Helping Hand

    Matt Guthmiller is making a world record attempt to be the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the globe by aircraft. He stopped by and visited Adagold.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Experience counts..... | Adagold Aviation | Aviation Specialists

    Experience counts….

    Why experience counts – Whether it’s your Doctor, Accountant, or Builder you want to know that they have the relevant experience in their profession.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Blue Sky Mining by Shift Miner | Adagold Aviation | Aviation Specialists

    Blue Sky Mining by Shift Miner

    Blue Sky Mining by Shift Miner. “THE coal sector in Central Queensland is hurting, but if businesses look up there is reason for optimism.”

  • Adagold Aviation
    Aviation Policy - Why You Need One | Adagold Aviation | Flight Specialists

    Why Have An Aviation Policy?

    Ensuring you have an aviation policy in place is vital. Understand more about creating your own aviation policy that will you manage your aviation risks.

  • Adagold Aviation
    The Australian - Adagold Featured In Today's The Australian | Adagold

    Adagold Featured In ‘The Australian’

    Steve Creedy reports in The Australian on the rise of Adagold Aviation in the changing face of the Australian charter…

  • Adagold Aviation
    Proudly supporting Mates4Mates | Adagold Aviation | Chartered Flights | aviation specialists

    Proudly Supporting Mates4Mates

    Adagold Aviation has always made an effort to contribute to the community in many ways.  Today, Adagold Aviation Director Stuart Lee was honoured to present Mates4Mates Chief Operating Officer Michael Quinn a cheque to assist the charity in the invaluable work that they do.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Charter vs Commercial Flights - Why Charter Flights Are Better | Adagold Aviation | Chartered Flights | Aviation Specialists

    Are Charter Flights More Cost Effective Than Commercial Flights?

    Have you ever asked what is better – we discuss the charter vs commercial flights debate.
    We often get asked the question whether charter flight costs are comparable to commercial flights for transporting workers in the resources sectors .
    It’s not as simple as comparing the base costs as there are so many differences with commercial and charter flights. Each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages that vary depending on the number of passengers and the destinations.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Air Charter Destinations: Chinchilla, Queensland | Adagold Aviation | Chartered Aviation Specialists | Australia

    Air Charter Destinations: Chinchilla, Queensland

    Chinchilla is situated 300km north west of Brisbane and is one of the towns in the Western Downs that has become a hub for companies operating and supporting the gas projects in the region.  Adagold Aviation has been managing air charters into the town over the past several years for a number of organisations.  Long before the gas projects, Chinchilla’s main claim to fame has been the renowned ‘Chinchilla Melon Festival’ held every second February.

  • Adagold Aviation
    Miles Queensland - Chartered Flights with Adagold Aviation | Australia

    Adagold Aviation Providing Flights To Miles Queensland’s Aerodome

    Do you need a chartered flights? Adagold Aviation offers a wide range of aviation services including flights to Miles Queensland and other rural locations.

  • Adagold Aviation
    TechSafe Aviation CHARTER FLIGHT GROWTH FUELS NEW RISK MANAGEMENT COMPANY | Adagold | Charter Aviation Specialists

    Charter Flight Growth Fuels New Risk Management Company

    TechSafe Aviation is the brainchild of parent company Adagold Aviation with highly skilled leaders bringing more than 100 years of aviation experience.

  • Adagold Aviation
    APPEA Conference 2014 - Day 1 | Adagold Aviation | Australia

    APPEA Conference 2014 – Day 1

    The first official day of the APPEA Conference 2014. Steve Bellamy and Osman Bahemia attended the Australia’s largest oil and gas conference in Perth.  

  • Adagold Aviation
    Air Charter Makes Perfect Business Sense

    Air Charter Makes Perfect Business Sense

    In today’s economic climate, reducing costs and improving efficiency is on the forefront of the mind of every business leader. Air charter may seem like a luxury for business, but in fact it can provide a cost effective method of transport compared to scheduled services.

  • Adagold Aviation
    APPEA Conference 2014 - Day 2 | Adagold Aviation | Australia

    APPEA Conference 2014 – Day 2

    Day two of the APPEA 2014 conference continued to provide a great opportunity for businesses to connect and gain an insight into the oil and gas industry.

  • Adagold Aviation

    Visit Us At The APPEA 2014

    Adagold Aviation will be exhibiting at one of Australia’s largest Oil and Gas conferences and exhibitions in Perth this April. Make sure you come visit us at APPEA 2014.  Between April 6 and 9, Australia’s leading oil and gas companies along with government and industry leaders will converge on Perth for this biannual event.

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