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Visit the Set of Dundee

Visit the Set of Dundee
November 5, 2018 Adagold Aviation

Tourism Australia’s latest large-scale marketing campaign has been a huge hit, stunning audiences with an all-star lineup. The fake movie trailer “Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home” first aired at the Super Bowl in February, featuring Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride.

Fans of the cult 1980s blockbuster Crocodile Dundee were enthused for a sequel before it was revealed that the entire trailer was a good-natured hoax. In actual fact, it was a tourism ad for Australia. Fans, however, are still calling for the fake movie to be made, with additional extended ‘trailers’ (advertisements) being released, showcasing Australia’s biggest names in showbiz including Hugh Jackman, Liam Hemsworth, Margot Robbie and Russell Crowe.

American tourists: Australia wants you!

The second stage of Tourism Australia’s Dundee campaign is now in full swing with a tongue-in-cheek invitation for an American audience to visit the ‘set’ of Dundee, the set being Australia’s sweeping landscape and most iconic landmarks. And Tourism Australia has collected the third Hemsworth brother, Luke Hemsworth, to act as tourist’s official behind-the-scenes guide. The running joke is that Australia is actually one big movie set for Dundee, and the $36 million campaign has already reached 9 billion people.

Experience Australia like a Hemsworth

Dundee may not be a real film, but you have to admit that after viewing the trailer, the call to explore Australia is strong. Featuring classic Aussie humour combined with completely unique landscapes and iconic landmarks, the movie trailer displays the best of Australia for US travellers. And the push to entice Americans to holiday in our sunburnt country means that flights are now more accessible than ever! With direct flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston, you can be gracing our famous beaches in under 14 hours! So why not don your singlet, shorts and thongs and get ready to embark on a grand Aussie adventure?

Exploring Australia in luxury

If you’re after a truly exclusive holiday and wish to experience Australia’s most secluded regions, flying by private jet is the finest way to travel around the country, and immerse yourself in the outback. Forget crowded airliners and stressful airports that put a dampener on your trip. Flying via private air charter in Australia means gaining access to areas unsuitable for large commercial planes. And Adagold Aviation have contacts with even the most remote airstrips in the Red Centre! One of the best experiences currently available is Touring Treasures Seamlessly by Private Jet, there is no better way to experience Australia. Reach untouched areas of the Kimberley, bath in natural springs and billabongs, see native wildlife in its original habitatand enjoy a private viewing of those spectacular orange sunsets. Spend your time in the air relaxing with a glass of champagne and drinking in the breathtaking scenery below, rather than rushing to your next destination. Australia is a large continent, and you want to cover as much ground as possible during your trip. So experience the lucky country on your own schedule, following your own itinerary, with private jet charter. You won’t regret it.

Ready to experience the trip of a lifetime? Contact Adagold Aviation today to arrange private jet charter around Australia for your exclusive holiday.

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