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Government, Humanitarian and Defence Air Charters

Government, Humanitarian and Defence Air Charters

Transporting military and government personnel, domestically and internationally

Air Charter

Adagold Aviation proudly provides a range of aircraft charter management services to various departments of the Commonwealth of Australia, Australian states and local governments to destinations across Australia and the world.

Our clientele includes senior military personnel, government and political heads-of-state, royalty, VIPs, Prime Ministers, Presidents, foreign government representatives, senators, members of parliament, diplomats and other councils.

As Australia’s leading independent provider of air charter, we have successfully managed both complex and sensitive aircraft charters, including ground handling services for visiting delegations during the G20 Summit held in Brisbane in November 2014.

Complete confidentiality

High levels of security for important government officials

Mobilisation of aircraft within hours of contacting Adagold

Meet strict schedules with ease and discretion

Almost 30 years of experience

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Air Charter

Defence air charters are some of the most complex, risky and challenging to arrange. And we should know. We’ve been providing air charter management services to the Commonwealth of Australia, as represented by the Department of Defence, for many years. Our reliable, knowledgeable service has earned us a reputation for speed, security and unparalleled efficiency.

Adagold Aviation currently provides air charter management services for the movement of equipment, military cargo and defence personnel between Australia and the Middle East Region utilising an Airbus A340-300. We have provided this service to the Commonwealth of Australia for a period of ten years.

Meticulous technical, logistical and operational planning

Strong diplomatic relationships and connections

Proven track record of meeting strict safety and security standards

Cost-effective turn-key solutions for optimal mission performance

Flexible, time-critical solutions for swift mobility

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Our Experience

At Adagold Aviation, we have a long history of proud service to various government bodies which more than demonstrates our capability and credibility. Below are just some of our experience highlights:

  • We have provided the government with Air Sustainment Services for over 12 years
  • We have provided aircraft in support of the last 3 Federal Election Campaigns (2013, 2016, 2019)
  • We have a long history of supporting the Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian Defence Force with International Humanitarian Missions like the Australian led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands, the Australian peace-keeping mission in East Timor, and the 2005 Asian tsunami where we achieved a 100% ‘dispatch reliability’ and ‘on-time performance’ rate.
  • In 2009, Adagold was awarded a four year, Air Sustainment contract with the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistic Organisation during which we carried out 497 successful missions and transported over 4 million kilograms of cargo while achieving a 98.17% rate of ‘on-time performance’
  • We provided aircraft charters to visiting delegations during the 2014 G20 Summit held in Brisbane
  • Most recently, we have provided air charter to those in need of repatriation flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we have transported medical supplies for the Australian Red Cross

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