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Oil Spill Response/Aerial Firefighting


Oil Spill Response & Aerial Firefighting

Oil Spill Response & Aerial Firefighting

Encompassing Australasia with aerial oil spill response and firefighting utilising a high capacity long range C-130 Hercules.

Aerial Response Australasia Pty Ltd is a single-source service for high capacity aerial dispersant and fire-fighting needs in the region using a multi-purpose C-130 Hercules. Aerial Response Australasia is a joint venture between Adagold Aviation and International Air Response Pty Ltd. This unique team brings real-world oil spill and fire-fighting experience, together with the local capacity to support emergency operations in the Australasian region.

The multifunctional C-130 Hercules can be converted from a firefighting configuration to an oil spill responder within an hour. The response performance of the C-130 is significantly improved by its ability to fly at night as well as being able to fly above bad weather. This is something that smaller agriculture tractors aircraft which typically respond to fire and oil spills are unable to do.


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