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Adagold Aviation has been providing humanitarian services around the globe for decades. Our team of expert charter flight management specialists understand the urgency and sensitivity of these types of missions and look to create bespoke end-to-end solutions that help take the pressure off the personnel involved.

Our experience in procuring and managing private jet charter flights for humanitarian purposes has extended from peace-keeping endeavours to aid during natural disasters, and we are proud to serve those in need in a timely, effective manner.

How can Adagold help your humanitarian mission?

Reliable, trusted humanitarian charter flight service

Extensive experience in managing sensitive affairs

Complete confidentiality

Extra personnel where possible

Time-sensitive service and fast dispatch

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Charter Flights

Repatriation is a time-critical and often logistically challenging task. We are proud to have returned many people to their home country when they’ve been in need. Whether they are Australian residents or seeking repatriation to another country in the world, our team of expert charter flight management specialists here at Adagold Aviation can provide a solution.

We have had a longstanding reputation of delivering repatriated passengers home safely and have been lucky enough to be able to provide services during several peace-keeping missing, and more recently, during the COVID-19 lockdowns. If you need urgent repatriation charter flights, get in touch right away.

Why contact Adagold for urgent repatriation charter flights?

Fast and timely service

Repatriation from and to anywhere in the world

Proven track record of reliability

Over 30 years of experience

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Our Experience

Adagold Aviation are proud to have provided long-standing support to individuals and various humanitarian bodies. Our experience has included (but is not limited to) the following:

Support during the Australian peace-keeping mission in East Timor (1999)

Participation in the Regional Assistant Mission to the Solomon Islands (2003)

Rated 100% in ‘Dispatch Reliability’ and ‘On-Time Performance’ in the Indian Ocean Tsunami (2005)

Repatriation to Montevideo COVID-19 positive cruise ship (2020)

Repatriation to West Asian seafarers stuck on the Western Australia shoreline (2021)

Support during the COVID-19 domestic border closures for a number of families and executives (2021)

Repatriation to South Africa to Australia and New Zealand (2021)

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