The Great South Australia/Tasmania Foodie Private Jet Experience
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The Great South Australia/Tasmania Foodie Private Jet Experience


The Great South Australia/Tasmania Foodie Private Jet Experience


Indulge in this fantastic journey of wonder to the Great Southern Land


Adagold Luxe has created a private jet charter focused experience that will transport you in ease and luxury to the most coveted and secluded locations in Tasmania and South Australia. Your travel is bespoke and tailored to your wishes, making for a truly personalised journey.

Highlights of this Southern getaway include:

  • Limousine transfer to a VIP airport terminal
  • Luxury travel on your own private jet
  • 5-star experience with highly-qualified crew
  • Tailored catering & gourmet meals
  • Travel through Australia’s most stunning destinations
  • Enjoy Australia’s art and cultural scene

You will visit 4 unique & secluded destinations:

Mona – Hobart, Saffire – Freycinet Peninsula, Seppeltsfield Vineyard, The Louise – Barossa Valley, Southern Ocean Lodge – Kangaroo island

Indulge in the wine region of the Barossa, the secluded beauty of the Tasmanian East Coast and the superb modernist design of the Southern Ocean Lodge overlooking the cliffs of Kangaroo Island.

Your Tasmania foodie journey will feed your mind as well when you explore Mona’s underground galleries and ponder our collective creativity as a species with a glass of wine in hand.

Savour the local delicacies prepared by masterful chefs who honour local cuisine and flavours.

Fly South for a decadent romp across the apple isle.

Looking at art used to be boring. It still is, maybe, but at Mona, the Museum of Old and New Art, you can behave like a rockstar. Arrive in Hobart by private jet, speed up the River Derwent on a pink and grey camouflaged catamaran, and prepare for a VIP tour of one of the world’s most famous museums. Set thirteen metres underground, Mona’s subterranean architecture showcases the highlights (and lowlights) of David Walsh’s $110m private collection of art and antiquities.

After binging on the art, recover in your super flash riverside pavilion and maybe recharge your batteries in the Mona infinity pool. Then, as the sun sets, sip wine beneath James Turrell’s perceptual spectacular, Amarna, 2015, on the museum rooftop and enjoy an exclusive dining experience (think seasonal feasting paired with ultra-premium wine) prepared by Mona’s renowned head chef Vince Trim.

Immerse yourself fully & be challenged.

Sophisticated, Intimate and Inspirational

Time to fly onward and experience tranquillity at the majestic Saffire Freycinet

There’s an other-worldly quality to Tasmania, the island where you can experience a gothic landscape of rain clouds and brooding mountains and take pleasure in the heavily-wooded wilderness. For lovers of the outdoors, it is a remarkable source of natural beauty – an ecologists’ paradise, particularly The Freycinet Peninsula on the east coast. The light here is amazingly clear and the island is reputed to have the cleanest air in the world.

The magnificent villa that awaits you at Saffire Freycinet, Worlds Best Boutique Hotel Award Winner 2014, commands 360 views of the surrounding paradise, it’s truly breathtaking, a secluded private oasis.

Your stay here will be luxurious and cosy. You can help yourself to anything in the kitchen – it is like you are at the weekend hideaway of a generous friend. Though the meals in the restaurant are truly memorable for their exquisite and innovative approach to the true flavours of the freshest local produce.

From the best of Tasmania, it’s now time to jet across to The Barossa Valley.

Wing your way from Saffire to the idyllic luxury of a vineyard retreat at The Barossa Valley.

You’ll land in Adelaide and board a VIP Helicopter for a scenic flight up to the iconic wine region of the Barossa Valley, touching down in the picturesque Seppeltsfield Winery.

Steeped in history Seppeltsfield is an incredible experience for wine lovers. Immerse yourself in the beautiful heritage cellar and enjoy a long lunch overlooking the winery, a delightful dining experience. Seppeltsfield is world famous for its fortified wines and you will be given the chance to fully savour the tastes and smells of the vast range on offer. You can sample the fortified wine from your year of birth and beyond, a beautiful and unique gift for special birthdays.

We will end the day at The Louise.

“The Louise, an outstanding gastronomical hotel in the midst of the (Barossa) vineyards.”

The New York Times

There is a boundless quality to the landscape surrounding The Louise. Perched on a gentle hill with the rolling vineyards of the world renowned Barossa Valley stretching before you. The Louise is home to the Appellation, lauded as one of Australia’s finest regional restaurants.

The Appellation’s culinary team harvest from their own kitchen garden, butcher and cure their own meats and bake their own bread. They are passionate advocates for freshness, seasonality and regionalism ensuring that a fine culinary experience is a feature of your stay.

Savour the moment and awaken your taste buds

You can also experience the calm of hot air ballooning over the glorious natural landscape, sunrise picnic breakfasts, exploring the local farmer’s markets and discovering amazing regional wines.

To round out this private jet foodie adventure we have a final spectacular gem awaiting you.

Awe Inspiring majesty awaits you at Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island

Designed to blend seamlessly with the limestone cliffs on which it is perched, this modernist retreat inhabits the space between blue sky and azure sea, heaven above and the wild Southern Ocean thundering below.

Kangaroo Island is gloriously isolated with a raw and untamed beauty. Often referred to as the Galápagos of Australia for its abundant wildlife. You can expect to experience New Zealand fur seals, koalas, kangaroos, Australian sea lions and abundant birdlife set against the backdrop of the breathtaking sculptural landscape.

Your dining experience at Southern Ocean Lodge is both a dynamic delight for the senses and a true gastronomic journey. The philosophy of “product to plate” is a real passion for Executive Chef Alastair Waddell and his team, insuring a purity of flavours and an honouring of local ingredients.

Indulge and enjoy the sensory delights

You can also experience the calm of hot air ballooning over the glorious natural landscape, sunrise picnic breakfasts, exploring the local farmer’s markets and discovering amazing regional wines.

There are some places that just need to be experienced slowly and indulgently. Our aim is to provide a seamless transition between the very best that this spectacular region has to offer.

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